About Us

We are a family furniture factory located in *Foshan GuangZhou China*, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of home furniture and more than 10 years of experience in furniture trade services.

Foshan is the biggest furniture production city in the world,our factory based here, and we have the a very mature production line include raw materials, experiences workers, high-tech furniture machine to make the perfect quality furniture which have no differences to the Italian luxury high costs furniture.

More importantly, within best budgets.

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*All of our furniture are specially customized, which means we can customize any size & colors & materials you want. And they are all craftsmanship work made.

*Our high quality furniture products have sold to 65 countries and we deal with with shipment & customs very well. And our shipment is TO-DOOR Shipment

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*Over 20 years in the furniture industry, we've established our network of trusted suppliers, ensuring high product quality.You simply choose anything you like, and we will take care of the rest.

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Our Responsibility & Guarantees

Our factory approaches each stage of your order with great responsibility and takes full accountability for its services. Such as:

1: Following all the BEFORE & PAID &CHECKING & SHIPPING Steps & Questions until you well received our products.(1V1 Well-English Customer Service Staff 24 Hours )

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2: Using the highest quality materials and all the furniture product are craftsmanship work

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3:Checking before shipment, and take detailed pre-shipment videos & photos for our customers to check.

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4:Packing the package professionally, within international packing conditions.

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5:Contacting the most price-reasonable & Trustworthy logistic company to handling everything and arrange the shipment to your door.

6: Taking financial responsibility for the inconsistency between the delivered goods and the ordered items, external defects/breakages, damage to goods during container loading and etc.

Quality Control

If you want to ordering furniture from china, quality is the most important thing.

At AndyFactory Furniture, we take complete responsibility for ensure your products will finished in highest standards, to make your customer journey enjoyable and expenses worthy reasonable.

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Main Steps

  • Order Accuracy: we verify that the produced items match the order in terms of form, include size, color, materials and your specific requirements.

  • Integrity: We will check all the details of the finished product. Such as the material consistency, seams accuracy,surface quality, paint quality and measurement.

  • Our 1V1 Customer Service staff will check details based on the points, and take videos & photos to you for ensure.

    Shipping & Customer Services

    International logistics can be a complicated process, involving various regulations, customs procedures, and long distances.

    We will help to arrange all the shipment things well, to transport goods by land, sea, or air to any place, right to your doorstep, ensuring the successful completion of all procedures and the safe delivery of your order.

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