Togo 3 Seater Sofa Review

Someone once said, "If I had a TOGO sofa in my home, it would be heaven." This shows the deep charm of TOGO sofa in people's hearts. What I want to share with you today is this TOGO sofa, which comes from the French national treasure home furnishing brand Ligne Roset (freehand space). Today this is a review focusing on the three-seat Togo sofa, which is also the difference from the other article “Ligne Roset Togo Sofa In-Depth Review With Photos”. Let’s walk into AndyFactory Furniture and to see the charm of it!

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Brief Introduction of Togo sofa

Experience luxury like never before with the Togo Sofa Replica 3 Seater. Togo 3 seater sofa is a unique and highly comfortable seating solution perfect for any modern living space, also it’s a journey into a world of opulence and relaxation. Togo sofa celebrated for its unique design and fabric comfort, its distinctive low-to-the-ground design and concave contour create a sleek and ergonomic experience, while its four densities of polyether foam ensure optimal comfort and support.


This is a picture of a Togo 3 seater sofa. And the size is 175*92*72cm. It looks like winding road turns, a giant caterpillar, or a Shar-Pei with regular wrinkles. Its appearance is deeply loved by the public. The shape of the sofa is very superior, which fits the back curve of the human body very well. Whether you lie down, rest or read on it, it is very comfortable. When you sit down, you have your feet on the ground, which is natural. It can bring an immersive experience anytime and anywhere.

Currently, there are many versions on the market. A good Togo sofa is judged by its sitting feel and workmanship, and Andy Factory can almost restore its original sitting feel and workmanship.


It has a skeleton-free structure and does not contain any metal structure inside. It uses high-density rebound sponge inside, and the different softness and hardness are combined together, so that the sofa without a skeleton can be stylish and stiff.

From the picture below in AndyFactory Furniture, we can see the internal sponge structure of the togo sofa, which is very fluffy and textured.

Factory Sponge Real Shot

This Togo 3-seater sofa is made of foam with 6 different densities and 28 different shapes. It is combined with special sewing technology to create a multi-pleat effect. The seemingly random folds require intensive manual work and sewing by our workers.

Togo Sofa Fold Real Shot

Fabric Options

In AndyFactory Furniture, there are a lot of materials you can choose for this Togo sofa, whatever suede, leather, velvet, canvas, corduroy or other various materials. In this way, everyone can have a variety of choices, but also make the togo sofa more abundant.

In the next, I will show you some of the very hot sales Togo sofa fabrics sold in AndyFurniture Factory.

  • Suede Material

    In AndyFactory Furniture, the most popular fabric of Togo sofa is suede fabric. Suede is a high-quality form of leather, made from the underside of the animal hide. It’s characterized by a soft smooth surface and many customers like it because it is very soft and comfortable to touch.

Suede Fabric Sample Drawing

  • Canvas Material

Canvas is a compact, firm, heavy plain weave fabric usually made with cotton. The texture of canvas is sturdy and slightly rough to the touch. But its advantage is that it is very durable and not easy to deform. And the surface is very dirty, easy to clean.

Canvas Fabric Sample Drawing

  • Leather Material

    In AndyFactory Furniture, all the leather material used are genuine leather. Leather is a natural fabric made using tanned animal skin. Leather also is one of the most desirable textile products due to its durability, water-resistance, insulative properties, and luxurious softness. Available in many different styles, grades, and colors, leather is one of the most diversified natural textiles.

 Leather Fabric Sample Drawing

  • Corduroy Material

    While it is usually made with cotton, corduroy can also be woven with blends of polyester and cotton or even full polyester. The ridges present on wool corduroy are not as visible as the ridges on corduroy made with other materials, but it is indeed a  strong durable fabric.

Corduroy Fabric Sample Drawing

Variety Color Options

For this Togo 3 seater sofa, there are various color options for you to choose, you can choose any colors you like for this togo sofa, you can also feel free to match colors according to your room style.

 Detailed Color Options Display

The following are some finished sofa pictures of various colors with different materials taken from Andy's factory for your reference.

 Beige Leather Fabric

 Brown Leather Fabric


Blue Corduroy Fabric

Dark Brown Suede Fabric

Imitation suede fabric retains the original performance of the fabric at the same time so that the surface of the fabric forms a layer with a short pile layer feeling, warmth and softness are very good, the color is eye-catching, soft touch, the appearance of rich and pleasant.

                                                                                   Beige Suede Fabric



    The Togo Sofa Replica stands as a testament to the ingenuity of modern design. Its distinct, low-profile silhouette and premium upholstery set it apart, making it a bold style statement in any environment. This sofa’s distinctive design and ergonomic structure make it more than mere furniture; it’s a versatile statement piece that brings modern elegance and a chic aesthetic to any space.


Factory’s Actual Shot


Every aspect of this sofa exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship. The luxurious velvet upholstery and finely executed details underscore a commitment to quality and luxury rarely seen in modern furniture. Ergonomic design, fits the curvature of the human back, lying down to rest or reading is very comfortable.

 Detailed Pictures

Offering an embrace of comfort, the Togo Sofa is designed with multi-density foam, providing a seating experience that is both sumptuously comfortable and superbly supportive, cradling you in opulence with each use. Frameless, full sponge support structure, filled with three layers of sponge, soft and hard texture, rich layers. Remove the sharpness and stiffness of the skeleton, bringing a more saturated sitting feeling and better fitting the body curve.


Togo Sofa Wide Seat Picture


Three Seater is a celebration of taste and luxury. It promises unparalleled comfort and stands as a beacon of modern design philosophy, ready to be the centerpiece of your living space.

Togo Style Decoration Drawing

This piece is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a reflection of taste, a statement of luxury, and a promise of unparalleled comfort. Embrace the legacy of modern design and make this iconic sofa the centerpiece of your living space.

  • High Quality Upholstery

The sofa is soft to the touch and simple to clean thanks to the suede made from the best materials available. The use of full foam as furniture padding.

The timeless design provides a style that is always versatile, the perfect investment for an evolving space.

  • Timeless Sofa


The Togo Sofa Replica is made of various densities of foam filling and upholstered in velvet fabric. It takes several hours to complete, but the end result is a comfortable sofa. One takeaway from this icon, relax and embrace our wrinkles.Its surface uses special sewing technology to form twelve layers of folds, which can increase the friction with the body to prevent people from suddenly being "slid out"

Folds Real Picture

High Quality Sitting Sensation-Plush Premium Cushion

In the next picture, Andy is sitting in the middle of the sofa.We can clearly see that when people sit on it, their waist and legs are well supported. The design of this sofa is very consistent with the structure of our human body.

Height and Weight Reference

High-density sponge and premium-quality, extremely durable polyurethane foam are used to fill plush premium cushions. The high-density foam in the cushions will conform to our bodies when we sit down, the dense ergonomic sofa enforces coziness.

  • Modular Design

    This timeless sofa features an ergonomic design with enveloping support. Expertly designed using four different densities of foam, ideal for sitting back and relaxing. Designed to be modular so it can be easily separated and reconfigured.

The Whole Sofa Real Shot 


In conclusion, the Togo 3 seater sofa will be your best choice when you would like to decorate your dream home,It is not only fashionable and stain-resistant, but can also bring you a moment of relaxation when you are tired and help you relieve stress.

It is perfect for tiny flats or rooms with low ceilings because of its modest size and low height.Choose the Togo sofa to make your home a haven for your soul. Let's enjoy every beautiful moment together, as easily as a Togo.

In AndyFactory Furniture, Togo 3 Seater Sofa have the best quality, the most choices That is why so many of our loyal customers are fascinated by togo sofas.So, if you also want to get this Togo sofa home, just feel free to contact us:

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