Roche Bobois Bubble Sofa Review- In-Depth Review With Photos

Recently,the bubble sofa which designed by Roche Bobois enjoys a good markets in different countries.It combines a novel design with interesting proportions and round bubbles.

The fluffy feeling is visible to the naked eye, cute and interesting.The arc is rounded and the comfort is very high. Easily create a stylish yet comfortable home atmosphere.If you want have a sense of soft,elastic,etc.The Bubble sofa will be your first choice.

Today,AndyFactory Furniture will make a detailed analyse from 6 aspects of “Roche Bobois Bubble Sofa Review- In-Depth Review With Photos.”Hope the followings can be of reference value to you.
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The following analyze will help you have a general recognization on“Roche Bobois Bubble Sofa Review- In-Depth Review With Photos.”


Bubble sofas, with their unique and distinct shape, are designed to make a statement. Crafted with a combination of sleek curves and plush upholstery, these sofas offer not only a cozy seating experience but also serve as a bold focal point in any room.

The sofa is made up of a lot of football-shaped ball filling, honeycomb design, very flexible, we lie in as if surrounded by countless bubble balls, like a cloud of fullness, soft, safe and comfortable. The variety of colors gives people visual’s a lifestyle statement that brings both style and comfort into your living space.

With its unique design and comfort, it has become an icon in modern living spaces.The Bubble required the development of a unique 3D fabric which stretches in three directions.


3D fabric makes the bubble sofa very three-dimensional, completely made by hand, novel and avant-garde. It's like relaxing in a massage chair.At AndyFactory Furniture,there are various kinds of colors for you to choose:
               Fabric selection drawing

This unique fabric is tenacious and extendable in three directions, which allows for the well rounded and tight shapes.The following pictures will make a presentation for your reference.

  • Sofa surface material

3D Fabric is made up of High-end 3D mesh.Structure in solid fir wood, pine plywood and particle board.We enjoyed the high elastic fabric and felt soft to the touch. 

(Different angles)

Sofa interior sponge

The seat and backrest are made of a bi-density foam based on a solid wood frame. The sofa is available in several colors and two dimensions, as armchair and with a matching ottoman in different sizes.

The crimp is excellent, resulting in a soft and voluminous texture with strong resilience and good breathability.What’s more,it will be cleaned easily if there's anything dirty.

Made entirely by hand, its design required the development of specific elastic fabrics, including a stretchable jersey, and a remarkable soft honeycomb wool, on top, that perfectly matches its rounded form, and remains in harmony with the environment and its elements.


(Real shot)   

(Real shot)

Placing a single seat bubble sofa in the living room can be said to add highlights to the living room. With it, when returning home to work tired, lying on it for a while will make people feel the whole body tired immediately dissipate.

Bubble 2 Seats Sofa is placed in the living room can provide many people to rest, at the same time can give people a strong sense of comfort, let people feel relaxed.

The three-seat sofa is very suitable for leisure time lying on the sofa for a nap, will let people quickly fall asleep, and the troubles of the whole day will slowly disappear with this comfort.

The ottoman pair of the Bubble sofa undoubtedly brings us a deeper sense of comfort. It can be said to be a must-have for home decorators. When we are tired, we lie down on the Bubble sofa and put our legs on the footrest. , that feeling of fatigue will be cured by the comfort of the bubble sofa.

4.Color Options

Neutrals like gray, beige, brown, and cream remain the most popular colors for a sofa for their practicality and versatility. Blue is also a perennially popular choice.

A lighter sofa will make a room seem larger by commanding less visual space. To make a room seem as large as possible, a sofa the same color as lighter-colored walls will appear to open the entire space up. However, the same concept goes for a living room with darker hues; a dark sofa, walls, and flooring give a room incredible depth and will make the room feel larger.

Darker colors and fabrics with patterns are the easiest to clean because they hide a variety of spills and stains.

(Different Colors)

(Picture 1:Color-12)


(Picture 2:Color-09)

(Picture 3:Color-21)


(Picture 4:Color-2)


(Picture 5:Color-18)

(Picture 6:Color-03)

5.Customer Reviews

I have been using the sofa for a while, and I was worried that the seat cushions would be out of shape, but I have been using it without any traces. I like to lie on the sofa every day when I get home, but there are no wrinkles or distortion at all.

The quality is very reliable. This color matches my cream style.The color is also very nice. Worth full marks for satisfaction.                                                               —— Alice

The sofa looks better than expected. It is soft and cute overall

The mesh structure fabric feels good and it is not as troublesome to take care of. This kind of fabric absorbs very little gray and has a high-quality comfort when sitting on shaped cottonn.                                                                          ——Mike



The sofa is very close to the original version, and the sitting feel and shape are very good among the replicas. After comparison, I am glad that I did not fall into the trap. The shape is better than expected. There is no dent or deformation after using it for so long, and the sitting feeling is also resilient and strong, but it is not as hard or soft as the low-priced models.

Anyway, the comfort level is up to standard. The quality is worth buying. I highly recommend everyone to buy AndyFactory Furniture, it is very practical!



Owning a bubble sofa means embracing an entirely new level of luxury living. Having have a good understanding about“Roche Bobois Bubble Sofa Review- In-Depth Review With Photos.”

So why wait? Step into the world of luxury with your very own Luxurious Bubble Sofa and experience comfort like never before.AndyFactory Furniture has much experience in manufacturing and provide you with high quality and low price products. If you are interested in our products,Welcome to come with us!
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