2024 Complete Guide to Buy Furniture From China

From few months ago, lots of customers inquired us to help them import furniture from China. They think it is very difficult to find a good supplier from thousands of furniture companies. And very headache for them to negotiate price and identify the quality. Keep reading and learn how to find suitable furniture suppliers,avoid problems,negotiate price,pay money and ship the goods. I will share with you 2024 Complete Guide to Buy Furniture From China.

An overview of China furniture market

China’s dominance in the furniture industry isn’t just about volume; it’s about the variety and adaptability in design and manufacturing. In 2022 alone, China’s furniture exports were valued at over $50 billion, highlighting the country’s pivotal role in meeting global furniture demand. If you want to get the 2024 Complete Guide to Buy Furniture From China,then you must keep in mind that buying furniture at wholesale prices here will drastically reduce your expenditure, which gives you a bigger budget for other expenses.

In a word, home renovation is a big investment, and buy from China can save a lot of money. There are some key points you must know in the 2024 Complete Guide to Buy Furniture From China.

Furniture Manufacturing City In China:

  • Foshan (All kinds of furniture)
  • Zhongshan (Office furniture)
  • Nankang (Wood furniture)

Common Furniture Quality Issues:

  • Wrong dimensions, materials and colors
  • Wobbling
  • Sharp edge
  • Strong odor
  • Poor load capacity

Types of China Furniture Available to Import

There are different types of furniture in China that you can import.

Indoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

  • Garden Furniture
  • Outdoor Metal Furniture
  • Gazebo Furniture


Tips on How to Buy Furniture From China

    Choosing the best furniture manufacturer in China takes a lot of work. That’s why you must read this 2024 Complete Guide to Buy Furniture From China. The following are some of the factors to keep when looking for suppliers of high-quality furniture:

(1)Read the Reviews of the Customers

   The most basic one is checking the reviews left by previous customers. This step is crucial, mainly if you’ve never worked with a furniture company. You can check out these reviews to know their services and how they treat their customers by reading their reviews.

(2)Product Prices

One of the crucial things when buying furniture is to keep in mind the cost. To estimate the cost, you can compare prices from multiple suppliers. This way, you have an idea of the budget and avoid downgrading the quality to cut costs.


   The majority of the shipment leaving China make use of the ship or air method. However, you can ship your furniture order from China to your location differently. It depends on many factors you must consider in your sourcing process.,such as shipping methods, shipping terms and shipping cost.

(4)Major Furniture Regions in China

  One thing that’s very important when importing furniture from China is to understand the furniture  regions of China. Knowing their strength of production and their respective extent of qualities helps a great deal in ensuring that you eventually source and work with the right furniture manufacture.The distribution of some furniture manufacturer bases in China is shown in the figure below:

(5)Furniture Fairs

If you have yet to find the right supplier or even the right products, then it’s best to visit furniture fairs. Here are some of the fairs you need to check out:

This is China’s most established and biggest furniture fair and probably also in the world. There is one scheduled every March and another every September.

You may have heard about the Canton Fair. This trade show is one of the most popular ones. This fair, held in China Import and Export Complex twice a year, features three stages. Among these stages, the second stage presents furniture of different kinds.


Contact us to help you find the best furniture

To conclude 2024 Complete Guide to Buy Furniture From China, there are 3 major aspects you need to think of before making your purchase:

1.Where to buy furniture from China

2.What things to consider when buying furniture in China such as MOQ, safety regulations, and payment

3.How to deal with logistics

AndyFactory Furniture has been in the furniture industry for over 10 years, which has reliably helped source furniture in China for 100s of customers. To work with us is to work with a professional and reliable company. Contact us today for a free consultation on how to buy furniture in China.

For more advice regarding 2024 Complete Guide to Buy Furniture From China, please feel free to get in touch us. We are here to help.

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