Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Review

Since it was be created,the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman have become ubiquitous.You can see that it was placed in many occasions such as lounge,office,living room and so on.This set has been sold for over 60 years but is still one of the best-selling pieces of furniture today.

Today let’s reading this “Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Review”from AndyFactory Furniture,to find out why it has such great appeal.

The following video is our In-Depth Review about Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Youtube:
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Eames Lounge Chair is like an old baseball glove, comfortable and easy to use, so that the person sitting on it could feel safe, secure and a sense of gentleness, thereby relieving some of the stress in life.A broad, deep lounge chair, its cushions covered in soft, wrinkly leather,which makes it look more luxurious and charming.It comes with a soft&comfortable ottoman,you can combined it with the chair and lie on it for a nap.

                                                                              Eames’ appearance Real Shot

    In AndyFactory Furniture,the comfort of the Eames lounge chair comes from the three major designs of the chair. The first is that the seat is designed with an inclination angle of 15 degrees, giving people a sense of relaxation; the second is a three-stage design, the headrest, backrest and seat, which takes care of the support of different parts of the body. Three pieces of plywood are the basic skeleton, and the outer shell of the plywood is covered with very soft leather,making it both supportive and comfortable; the third is to choose a comfortable cushion. At first, the material was made of noble leather filled with feathers and down, and later thicker leather was used. It feels good to sit and has strong wrapping properties.
    The high-backed single chair is suitable for home use and can convey a casual and relaxed home atmosphere; the streamlined shape, strong color contrast, and strong visual aesthetics of the chair are very suitable for home or studios.You can place it in a corner of the space or on the balcony as a mood transition station. 

                                                     Eames lounge chair in different occasion


     In AndyFactory Furniture here, there are many choice for your reference.The classic combinations are Walnut wood&Black leather/Oak wood&White leather.They can meet almost all your needs of styles,no matter in your house or office.

  • Wood

      For the wood part,we have Black Pigmented Walnut and White Oak,they have a beautiful nature wood texture.

                                                                            Nature Wood Texture  Leather
  • Leather

     The leather we used is High Quality Full-grain cowhide,which is the finest quality leather.The beautiful grain and soft touch feeling makes the Eames lounge chair look luxurious.

Genuine Leather Texture

For the Leather Part,we also have many color options to choose from.You can freely combine the leather color and the wood(Walnut/Oak) you like.We can customize for you.

            Color Options in Leather


On the bottom of the chair and ottoman,we used Stainless steel to make it stable and luxury.We also have two color for the base,the black one and the silver one.It has a smooth and shiny surface,beautiful and easy to clean.

                                                              The bottom of the Chair&Ottoman

It also comes with four small silver-white disks at the bottom of the chair to strengthen it, making it more stable and not swaying.Also it is not easy to scratch the flooring by move the chair.

In conclusion,the Eames Lounge chair combines beauty and practicality,making it the best choice to buy a chair.

Design details

There are many details in the Eames lounge chair&Ottoman when The Eames designed it.AndyFactory Furniture has 100% copied all the details as the original one,following I’ll introduce them one by one.

Removable Cushions

The cushions are removable and the two back cushions can be reversed individually from top to bottom. The chair seat cushion and the ottoman cushion can be reversed in the same way and even be switched, one for the other.

                                                                          Removable Cushion

And there is a zipper that you can open the cushion and see the fillers very clear.Here is a High density elastic sponge inside,this material rebounds quickly and is supportive which can give you a soft and comfortable sitting experience.

The foam inside
                 Highly Elastic Foam

  • Simple assembly and disassembly

    There are some components on the Eames Lounge Chair.Because of the direct and obvious ways in which the parts were connected, customers could easily repair or replace any part as needed.In this way,we can easily extend the life of the chair and save money.

     Also due to the Simple assembly and disassembly,it’s convenient for some customers when they need to move house.It can be disassembled by yourself and packed in a box to save space.

Rotable Chair

      The Eames Lounge Chair can rotate 360 degrees,which is very smooth and convenient.You can round the chair freely and find a comfortable way.

                                                                                    Rotable Eames Lounge chair

How to choose a suitable Eames Lounge Chair 

  • Size
    A suitable size can make the chair give you a great support on your neck,waist and legs.The Classic Version in our factory dimensions are Height 84cm*Width 84cm*Depth85~91cm.This size fits most people.Our customers said they can feel this is the most comfortable size for them no matter for man and woman.Also this is the same size as the original one.

The ottoman is the same height as the lounge chair sitting area,which can give you a comfortable sitting experience when you put your legs or feet on it.

  • Color

      Different color can gives people different sense.The most classic and hot sales color in AndyFactory Furnitue are Black leather&Walnut/White leather&Oak.Here are the reasons.

     The black one is a good choice for man and a worker,you can put it into your office or living room.It can be used not only as a lounge chair but also a decoration.The simple and luxurious appearance is easy to catch your eyes. The combination of black leather and walnut plank gives a sense of formal and elegance.

      If you want to lighten your room or make a cosy and relax sense,then the white one can meet your needs.The white Eames lounge chair have a elegant outlook,the beautiful shape and soft cushion gives people a comfort feeling.It can easily match the style of the living room or bedroom at home.

      If you need other color to match your house style,we also have many color options in leather,we can customize it for you.

The Reason w
hy you should buy from us

Best Customer service

We are factory in Foshan China, which is the biggest furniture production city in the world, in our here we have the highest quality material with the cheapest costs.We have many colors for you to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about not finding your favorite item here.We use the highest quality materials to make this Eames Lounge Chair, ensuring that each of our customers can buy an Eames Lounge Chair of the same quality as the original at a low price. No matter in terms of appearance and seating experience.

                                                                    Comfortable sitting experience

  Customers Review

     “The quality and price of the Eames lounge chair are really great. Andy patiently guided me through placing the order and updated me on logistics news.With Andy's help, I finally completed the purchase and received the Eames lounge chair I wanted, mine. My family also likes it very much”


     “I feel safe purchasing my Eames lounge chair here. I can feel its quality through many pictures and videos. After receiving the goods, I couldn't wait to try it. And I found the        quality to be exactly what I wanted. Overall it was a great shopping experience.”

     “This Eames lounge chair is now my favorite furniture at home, the seat and armrests are so comfortable that it’s perfect for relax.I can feel the fatigue from the whole day disappear when I sit on it.I am happy to recommend to my friends to buy here."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ——Dennis


Over all,after reading this “Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Review” from AndyFactory Furniture,you can see the Eames lounge chair has excellent performance both in appearance and practicality.With its own advantages, it has always been one of the classic and best-selling lounge chair.

Hope this article will help you choose an Eames lounge chair.If you want to know more details about this Eames Lounge Chair, please feel free to contact us.

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