Roche Bobois Bubble Bed Review with Photos

In our busy lives, we always hope to find a product that is both comfortable and practical to improve our quality of life. Today, I would like to introduce to you a home product that has attracted much attention-bubble bed. This is a bed that many people love so far. The design of this bubble bed is inspired by natural and mineral forms and is entirely handcrafted with a specific stretch fabric that perfectly fits its round shape. With its unique style, the bubble bed becomes an iconic model in the Roche Bobois range

Bubble Bed by Roche Bobois was designed by Sacha Lakic. In place of a cloud, it is an engulfing bed with rounded curves that resemble those of the original Bubble sofas and armchairs. This bed, like the others in its family, is the pinnacle of comfort and lulls you to sleep.

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Bed Appearance

It's not a cloud, but it looks remarkably like a piece of cloud. It is an enveloping bed with plump curves that echo its predecessors – the original Bubble sofas and armchairs. Like all the members of its family, this bed is the epitome of comfort, lying on it is like lying on a cloud, which can draw you into a restful sleep.

Real Photos in Showroom

This bubble bed adopts a unique honeycomb three-dimensional shape, continuing Bubble's consistent style, with a full, interesting and cute appearance. This Bubble bed does not have a square image like other beds, but has rounded and soft edges. Even if you wake up in the midnight and accidentally touch the edge of the bed, it doesn’t matter, you will only feel the warmth from the bubble bed, not the pain.

Interior Structure

The interior of this bubble bed is made of high-density sponge, so there will be no dents even if you lean on it or lie down for a long time. At the same time, its wooden structure part uses an imported Finnish pine solid wood frame. This high-quality frame is insect-proof and moth-proof, and is very solid and durable, with a stable structure. You can be completely assured of this quality.

Bubble Bed Interior Frame Structure Diagram

This Bubble Bed adopts simple solid color design, has smooth lines and unique shape, giving people a fresh and fashionable feeling. The surface is Q-elastic 3D mesh fabric, and the interior is filled with foam with three-dimensional effect and high elasticity. It has better resilience than ordinary polyurethane foam, which can ensure that the bed will not affect the appearance and comfort due to foam collapse during long-term use.


For this bubble bed, we have many kinds of fabrics to choose from. You can choose the same 3D fabric as the bubble sofa. This unique fabric is skin-friendly and breathable, which is tenacious and extendable in three directions, which allows for the well rounded and tight shapes. You can also choose lambswool fabric which is very soft and comfortable, which can bring a very different experience compared with 3D mesh fabric.

 Next, I will introduce these two fabrics to you in detail to give you a better understanding.

3D mesh fabric is a special type of spacer fabric with a sandwich structure consisting of two separate multifilament outer layers connected by a layer of spacer monofilaments. This fabric is widely used due to its ventilation properties and energy absorption capacities.

3D Mesh Fabric Real Renderings

Lambswool is one of the most sought-after insulating materials due to its ability to provide warmth while still remaining lightweight and comfortable. The natural crimp of lambswool fibres helps insulate your body from cool temperatures by trapping air. When you laid on it, you will feel it very soft and comfortable.

Lambswool Fabric Detailed Picture


The dimensions of this Bubble Bed is 265*226*95cm, which is very big enough for three adults sleeping together. All beds are handmade, therefore please allow a tolerance of between 2-3 cm from the dimensions in the below picture.

Bubble Bed Dimensional Model Drawing

If you have specific size requirements – please feel free to contact us. And we can make sure and customize the size you want for you. Our team are more than happy to help give our best guidance and also to give further dimensions if needed.

Color Options

For this Bubble bed, it is available in many different colors.You can choose any color you like to match your bedroom style. Or you can choose a bright color, which will add a highlight to your bedroom Here are some color options as following picture:

Color Options Picture


  • Comfort
  1. Bed frame: The bed frame of the bubble bed adopts ergonomic design, which fits the curve of the human back very well, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the waist and allow people to feel full support during sleep.

    Bed Head Design Drawing

    1. Breathability: The 3D mesh fabric used in the bubble bed is a very breathable fabric, which can circulate air inside the mattress, effectively reduce body temperature during sleep, and make people feel refreshed, especially in hot summer.
    • Practicality
    1. Padded and designed with high-density foam cushioning to ensure that the sofa isn't just a beautiful design, but a comfortable one as well.
    2. Lambswool fabric, with its looped and curled yarn, offers a uniquely textured and plush surface, infusing furniture with a sense of cozy sophistication and tactile appeal.
    3. Ergonomically designed, no pressure when leaning sideways. The density of the sponges filled in each part is different, so as to ensure a comfortable and explosive feeling. Every part of you will be relaxed enough when you lean on it. The elastic support that slowly feeds back is soft but not collapsed, soft and elastic, making you feel comfortable and relax. The waist and back just feel like falling clouds.


    Overall, this bubble bed, known for its comfort, looks fluffy and soft. Seemingly simple but full of details. It brings great visual comfort and relaxation. Breaking the conventional image of a bed, but enhances the design of the product.If you want to bring this Bubble bed home, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide service for you online 24 hours a day.

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