Edra Standard Sofa Review With Photos

In the world of home decoration, every subtle element can add a unique charm to the entire space. The Edra Standard sofa is one of them that is eye-catching. With its chic design, exquisite details and delicate colors, it becomes the focal point of home furnishings.

Today I would like to share this sofa from AndyFactory Furniture with all of you. I am sure this sofa will achieve maximum comfort in whichever position. Let’s see it together!

Brief Introduction of Edra Standard Sofa

The Edra Standard Sofa designed by Francesco Binfare for Edra represents the ultimate in flexibility and adaptability with countless configurations. The Standard Sofa provides seating arrangements for one or more people while combining a dynamic design aesthetic with functionality suitable for most spaces.

Standard is a collection that transforms the concept of comfort, multiplying the possible solutions thanks to different seating elements, always combined with a single type of adjustable cushion that acts as armrest and backrest, giving life to linear, pure angular and angular solutions. open or free-plan. It is a unique whole, malleable and adaptable to the wishes of those who use it.


Edra Standard Sofa, among the high-looking sofas, definitely occupies a place among the top three. Its shape is like a petal spreading out, which is why it is also called "Flower Sofa". It not only looks beautiful, but also provides the backrest a beautiful and soft curve, giving a comfortable and wide arc when someone lying down it, which is perfect and appropriate.

“Flower Shape” Picture

The design of the Standard sofa is inspired by the flower petal shape found in nature. It perfectly combines the soft lines of Standards with the comfort of the sofa, breaking the shackles of the traditional sofa pattern. Whether it is the curved armrest or the curved elegant back of the sofa, it is like a blooming flower, giving people a warm feeling.

The appearance of the Standard sofa is not only to achieve a comfortable sitting position, but also a manifestation of art, so that people can experience a beautiful enjoyment in the home space.Whether placed in the living room, bedroom or study room, the Edra Standard sofa can create a warm and romantic atmosphere for the entire space.

  • Adjustable Backrest and Armrests

The adjustable backrest and armrests are its biggest features, both front and rear can be adjusted. The key element is the“Smart Cushion”. Backrests and armrests have lost any stiffness and can be molded as desired with a flick of your hand: low, high, oblique, enveloping and functional.

Folded Effect Picture

Unfolded Effect Picture

Joints in special materials allow you to shape it as you prefer: it can be pulled up or down, it can take the position that is most suitable to the purpose at that time, simply and effortlessly, thanks to a slight hand pressure.This is a really unique design,you can just fold it if you want and each pillow all can do it, can make it very low. That is why this Edra Standard sofa so popular among our customers.

Fabric Details

In AndyFactory Furniture, this Edra Standard sofa is made of high-quality Chenille material. The use of chenille fabric improves the visual and tactile appearance of this Standard sofa by more than one level. Especially the skin-friendly feel and bright unique color are vividly reflected on it.

Fabric Details Display

As we can see from the above picture, chenille is a very nice material,which is really great comfortable and soft.The pillow is very puffy and the seating foam are very nice quality.We use the highest quality for every material so that is why we can make it so perfect.

Various Color Options

At the same time, color is also an important part of the Standard sofa. It often uses mild tones such as elegant pink, light beige or soft green to make the entire space appear softer and warmer. Not only is it a visual enjoyment, you can also feel the comfort and relaxation it brings when sitting on the Standard sofa.In AndyFactory Furniture, there are all kinds of colors for you to choose, I am sure there must be a color you really like.


Color Options

These various colors can not only add elegance and romance to the entire space, but also bring comfort and relaxation to users. Decorate your home space with the beauty of a Standard sofa, so that everyone can feel a unique warmth at home.Here are some more detailed color displays and sofa samples as follows.

  • Detailed Color Displays




  • Sofa Samples

Beige Color

Dark Red Color

Black Color

Free Combinations

For this Edra Standard sofa, we have Single armrest, Single without armrest and Chaise Lounge, which means you can choose any combination you like according to the room size and the layout. It allows total freedom of combining seats of different shape and depth to customize the compositions : linear, angular or free plan.

Some Combined Model Draft

Recommended Combination Sample

For example, the above picture is the combination of 1 Single Armrest+ 1 Single without Armrest+ 1 Chaise Lounge, which is also the hot sales combination in our factory. This combination is very spacious and it is total enough for five people.

Special Design:

  • Stable Bottom

The entire frame of the Standard sofa is made of larch frame imported from Russia + 45D high-density high-rebound violet sponge + 4.0 manganese steel snake spring. It is very strong and durable, will not collapse after sitting for a long time, and is full of elasticity.

Bottom Structure Real Shot

Finished Bottom Picture

  • EnvironmentaFriendly Material

The design of the Standard sofa is very ergonomic, and the shape and backrest can be adjusted at different angles, which can effectively relieve back pain caused by people sitting for long periods of time. The material is also very environmentally friendly, adding a touch of freshness to the air quality at home.

Sitting Experience:

Edra Standard sofas are usually made of soft fabrics, such as suede, silk or wool, combination of fine bone goose feather + high resilience sponge, which makes them comfortable to the touch and breathable.The wide sitting depth bids farewell to the traditional sitting depth design concept and realizes your sleeping freedom.


Sitting Experience Picture

From the above picture, we can see that the 3 seats is actually very big, when you lied in this sofa, it just like a small bed, which can provide a very soft and comfortable experience. The feeling of wrapping and support is what you can feel most when you sit down. It will use its comfort to tie you firmly, making people feel that sitting down = lying down.

How to Choose a Suitable Standard Sofa?

When choosing a Standard sofa, you must not only consider whether the color and style match the entire home decoration style, but also whether the texture and workmanship of the sofa are good to ensure service life and comfort. Of course, cultivating a high-quality Standard sofa is also an art. Regular cleaning and professional maintenance can extend the service life of the Standard sofa and maintain its original beauty.

Of course, before choosing a suitable Standard sofa, we need to know the layout of our space in advance and know what size is suitable for our space. In addition to its artistic sense and comfort, the Standard sofa also has excellent space utilization. Its design is usually more flexible than a regular sofa and doesn't make it feel bulky.    

Whether it is a small or large space, the Standardl sofa can fit perfectly into it. You can combine suitable sizes according to your home space, suitable for large homes and villas. For small-sized families, an exquisite Standard sofa can not only provide a comfortable resting space, but also effectively save space, making the entire space appear more spacious.


In general, as a unique home furnishing, the Edra Standard sofa has become one of many people's first choice for home decoration with its exquisite design, soft colors and comfortable sitting position. It can not only add elegance and romance to the entire space, but also bring comfort and relaxation to users. Decorate your home space with the beauty of a Standard sofa, so that everyone can feel a unique warmth at home.

In AndyFactory Furniture, The Standard Sofa is a very popular design in our collection. It’s a genius idea by designer Francesco Binfaré because it's a really classic sofa embedded with a smart cushion that embraces the body. It’s a dynamic sofa, really supportive, and you can choose any position you want. Usually a sofa is static but with this you can create.

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