Edra On the Rock Sofa In-Depth Review with Photos

On the Rocks is a modular sofa designed by Francesco Binfaré for the Italian company Edra.The elegance of Francesco Binfaré’s sofa is adapted to any type of environment, whether a historic villa or contemporary home.

This on the Rock sofa is composed of four modules in irregular shapes, three polygons and one square, which can be paired in different compositions for complete spatial freedom. It is totally made by hand that guarantees an almost sensual softness.Two flexible backrests, positioned as you please and in different sizes to match. You can place the back in the middle to offer seating around the sofa or on one side for more seating depth and a relaxed look.

Today I would like to share with you this Edra on the rock sofa and this one is quite popular in most of our customers.If you want to know more about this sofa, please read this article with me and I am sure you will fall in love with it.


As its name suggests, the Edra on rock sofa looks like a giant rock. The irregular shape gives people a strong visual impact. Moreover, it also feels like a rock, delicate and hard, giving people a very special feeling. When you lie on it and hold the two large backrests in your arms, you will feel like you are holding a huge piece of pillows, which makes people feel safe and satisfied.

Actual Picture of Sofa in Showroom


On the Rocks is a relatively simple design that consists of three different geometric seating elements - two are in the shape of five-sided polygons; the another one is a quadrilateral. They can be freely combined and matched to the style and size you like,such as the following four common combinations.


Rock Sofa Combination Options

Among these four combinations, the following two combinations are the most popular.At the same time, you can also form different placement combinations according to the space size of your house. This modular design is great for everyone's home, whether you have a large bungalow or a small apartment.

Color Options

The cover material is a soft fabric available in many colours with a three-dimensional appearance evocative of the surface of a rock covered in moss and lichen. The patterned yarn shaded in the weft emerges from the background texture creating a sense of depth that is pleasurable to touch, durable to use and soft on the eye.

Rock Sofa Color Options

For this rock sofa, we have many different colors for you to choose from. You can choose a color that matches your home decoration style.Among them, most of our customers like white color, which is also our most popular color.

High-quality Fabric:

Of course, the fabric of this rock sofa also uses the same principle as the rock. The designer uses very selected materials to transform the grayscale and granularity of the rock, keeping people's eyes between sight and touch.


White Fabric View Effect

Profiles modeled manually in an exclusive mix of Gellyfoam® and other foams offer an extraordinary comfort in what reveals itself as a large sofa entirely void of rigid structures.

Foam Pressing Effect Picture

Combining softness with support, this material allows sofas to be built without a spring base, meaning the material moulds around the body of the user. Inside the sofa, a ballasted backrest and hidden backbone ensure maximum stability, creating a soft and supported seating experience.


  • Modular Design

This On The Rocks sofa allows for a free configuration through various modular geometric elements, which offers extraordinary versatility. Not only allows users to customize the interior design according to their own creative vision, but it also guarantees a functionality adapted to the specific needs of each room.

  • Removable Backrest

The backrest design on this rock sofa is also very special. Its angle can be adjusted freely, which could let you find the most comfortable position on it. When there are many people at home, you can place the backrest in the middle of the sofa so that they can sit on both sides, which can also maximizes the use of sofa space.

Backrest Curve Effect

Furthermore, inside the backrest bag, we used the highest quality gel memory foam making it more flexible and softer, which makes it be able to match different sizes and shapes. Of course, the backrest can be moved and bent at will. Whether you are lying down or sitting, you can find various comfortable angles to completely relax your body and enjoy the gentleness it provides you.

The two-in-one removable backrest design supports the curve of the spine in all directions. When people lie on it, it can relieve your fatigue all day long. It perfectly fits the person's waist and has full support, which can reduce the burden on the lower back and spine.

  • Generous Seating Space:

The spacious seat depth ratio is comfortable, and the soft backrest can be adjusted to different positions to obtain greater seating space. Not only that, when you have a party in your family, it is very suitable for a group of friends to have fun on it. With such a wide seat, you can also regard it as a bed, which is also very suitable for sleeping.

Large Rock Sofa Seat

Finished Product Display:

Here are some finished on the Rock sofa real shot from Andy factory. Our sofas are all handmade and craftmanship by our factory's master, every process have been strict controlled, that is why we can make it so perfect.


If you are considering a sectional sofa that provides an engaging interior aesthetic underscored by tremendous comfort and versatility, learn more about Edra's On the Rocks by contact us. We would be delighted to assist you with configuring an On the Rocks sectional that not only suits your space but your lifestyle.

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